About shoes and giving up

About shoes and giving up

You probably already saw in the street or in a grocery store a woman who was approximately your age, wearing sweatpants and shoes that looked like slippers. No make-up, hair not very clean, didn’t seem to care. Maybe this crossed your mind: “wow, she has given up.”

And you probably thought that it would never happen to you, I know I did.

Until I moved to Canada.

Paris me was always on heels (these shoes are Cosmoparis BTW), nails always done (most often with the famous “Rouge Noir”, by Chanel; so Parisian, I know), hair cleaned everyday, make-up even on chilling Sundays.

Well, Canada me had to make concessions. First, because of all the traveling and apartments visiting and city touring. At some point, I realized that I was always in sneakers. Then, we were always carrying suitcases, boxes, building Ikea furniture. It was impossible to keep my nails done.

Allow me to reassure you right away: I was still clean.

But still, I was on a downward trend.

Then, the cold wave arrived, and there was snow everywhere. I tried to keep my regular shoes on for the first days, but soon I found it unreasonable to always have my feet wet.

So, I had to take a difficult decision: buying UGG shoes.

If I have to go down, let’s get it done now.

I was ready to give up.

I took my husband (who was amused to witness that much drama for a pair of shoes), my purse, and I went shoe shopping.

There are UGG shoes everywhere in this country, so it wasn’t hard to find. First shop, I see a black regular pair, I ask my size, I try it on, and…. fuck these shoes are comfortable ! I felt I was in cotton. I was convinced and relieved.

But that was before I saw me in a mirror. Me. With UGG. Outside.

With the best will in the world, I simply couldn’t. It was too much.

My husband was still looking at me with a “come on, let’s go now” look, but still, after trying almost all the pairs of the store in order to get psychologically used to it, I ended up with an okay pair of Timberland.

And I went home and did my nails.

Apparently, I’m not ready to give up yet.

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