Scrubs scrubs scrubs

Scrubs scrubs scrubs

[Disclaimer: this post is NOT about my obsession for the TLC song that I played over and over when I was 15. Maybe another time.]

[Disclaimer 2: this post is 100% NOT sponsored and 100% objective.]

I still don’t know how to meditate, and I don’t have a subscription to an expensive spa where they offer you cucumber water and you can spend the day in a white robe that feels like a cloud.

But I have scrubs.

I think my obsession with scrubs started in my teenage years, but it has not always been a very healthy relationship. At the time, I used very abrasive products, with which I scratched my skin over and over until it was red. It was because of a psychological bias that made me believe that if it didn’t hurt, it wasn’t really working. But also, I needed at least a little bit of pain to wash away my anger or my frustration, towards the world and sometimes towards myself.

Growing up, I started to become less angry (still working on the “not angry at all”), and scrubbing became one of my favorite treats.

There is something about it that gives me a feeling of deep wash, as if with my dead skin I was removing everything bad in both my body and my mind. It almost has a rebirth kind of vibe, as if I had left my old skin to start over in a new one.

And now, my relationship with this ritual is more gentle, because I’m more comfortable in my skin (this saying makes so much sense here). Also, I use way better products.

Whenever I feel that I need some internal and external detox, I take my favorite exfoliating soap, the “Almond Delicious Soap” by l’Occitane, and spend 20 minutes with it in my bathtub. What I love the most about it is that its almond scent stays for hours in my bathroom afterwards. (It probably wouldn’t work in a 30m2 bathroom, though.)

For the moments where I don’t have all of that time, I use my Aesop liquid handsoap (“Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash“), in which they had the genius idea of putting some finally milled Pumice. Just washing my hands with it is enough to feel that I got rid of some bad thoughts.

Like I already mentioned (here), since the beginning of the year I’m trying to uncover a new me, better and healthier and wiser and everything-er. It will be a long process which will require some work from me, but at least I have my easy step to begin this renewal.

I scrub.




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