My capsule wardrobe

My capsule wardrobe

Since I moved from one continent to another, I had to ship most of my things. I got to keep only what could fit in two suitcases, so yeah, not that much.

At the time my loved belongings left me, I didn’t know exactly when I would get them back, but I knew it could be up to three months. That wasn’t an exaggeration: it eventually took exactly 2 months and 16 days.


Of course, I have put a lot of thoughts in what I kept with me. Three skirts, three pants, plus two of my favorite dresses because I didn’t want to be just efficient.

A dozen of t-shirts, seven or eight shirts, all fitting with at least three of the selected bottoms. Some knitwear and accessories, and if my calculation was right, I had outfits for months.

I could survive.


And sure, I did.

Actually, I almost didn’t miss my other clothes. I missed seeing my dresses and my shoes all together, but I didn’t miss a single specific piece.

That made me realize one thing I couldn’t sense before: I could actually live with a quarter of my wardrobe, and without feeling like it was a huge sacrifice.


But, of course it was easier because I work from home. If I had to go to the office everyday and see the same people, it would probably have been different.

And also, this enlightenment, this minimalism spirit, that was before the passage of the second month.


See, I had to make some choices when I packed, and I made two mistakes: I took only one coat, and one purse.

Yes: I wore the same coat and the same purse every single day for more than two months.

Never again.

I can’t even stand to look at them now.

Which is a shame, because they are objectively beautiful pieces. But I can’t anymore.


Anyway, all of that to say that I was looking forward to receiving my shipment. Like a child looks forward to Christmas.


And today, after two months and sixteen days, it finally arrived. My first reactions: “wow that’s a lot it’s never gonna fit in the apartment” and “I hope they didn’t damage anything”.


Then I started to unpack. Nothing has been damaged fortunately, just all of my dresses are sad being all wrinkled for the shipment.

But what stroke me the most at this time was the amount of stuff I have. I guess I had forgotten.  

I had to make four different piles just for sweaters. I had to put shoes in three different places. I own seventeen pairs of gloves and thirty skirts. I need in total 117 hangers.


I was honestly shocked to see this amount of clothes. Apparently 2 months and 16 days in enough to get used to live with less.

This is actually so enough that for the first time of my life, it appeared that wow, I really don’t need all of that. That’s too much. And the worst part is that I actually donated a lot before leaving Paris.


My husband was so enthusiastic when I told that to him. “It means that you’re gonna stop shopping?” “So you’re gonna throw away a bunch?”

(*sparkles in the eyes*).


Nope my love.

Okay I had an epiphany, now I know that I could live with less, if I wanted to. But I feel that this state is only temporary and that I will come back to my old self pretty soon. I’m like that, I’m afraid.

I love buying new things just in order to have new things. There is no single piece that I couldn’t live without, but I love to see the accumulation of it. I love the different colors, prints, shoes, fabrics. I love to see these shoes that I never wear because they are so beautiful.

My dressing is a piece of art, and just looking at it brings me joy. And that’s the whole purpose of it, isn’t it?


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