Getting my ducks in a row

Getting my ducks in a row

I LOVE this saying. (What ? I’m French. I’m allowed to rave about English sayings.)

But also, I don’t want to brag but I’m very, really, so good at getting my ducks in a row.

That’s maybe because I always have a lot of projects. So in my life, I had to do it a bunch of times.


It often starts by buying a new notebook that is going to receive all the ideas about this project. It takes a while to find the perfect one: not too small, not too big, the perfect amount of pages, with the exact ruling I need, and of course, pretty.

Then, I spend a lot of times looking at this notebook, thinking of what I have to put in it that is going to be useful for my project.

One could argue that I just like buying notebooks, which is true. But also, I am always more motivated in a project if I have a cute notebook to refer to.

So, this phase of thinking is very important.


Usually, it ends like a to-do list notebook, or a taking notes notebook. Still, I’m very open to new ideas.

Anyway, after that comes the design phase. How exactly I am going to write my titles ? With which color, type of pen ? Or maybe with a color marker ?

I guess you can laugh at me now, but this is very important as well because if I do something ugly on my notebook I will have to do the exact ugly thing on each page, so it’ll ruin everything.

When everything is chosen-bought-decided-validated-regretted-validated, I can start filling up my notebook.


That’s usually pretty long, because I often have a lot of notes to take so I don’t want to miss anything. Before starting a project I have to feel very ready and very confident that I know everything that I have to know.

And, I write very slowly because my writing is beautiful so I want it to be the most beautiful possible.


And this my friends, was the perfect method that I recommend to you if you want to NEVER ACTUALLY START ANY PROJECT.


I am not the proud owner of a lot of half-or-less filled notebooks that will never be fully filled, about projects that I will never start. My notebooks shelf is like a cemetary of my willpower. My very own shelf of shame.


But what does that mean about me ? Well, after a lot of hypothesis (procrastination ? inconsistency ? fear of failure ? laziness ? procrastination ? laziness ?), I decided to choose the one that was the most gentle towards me.

So I think that at the end of the day, all of these projects probably didn’t interest me that much. What interests me is having a project, period.

All of this preparation was maybe (1) just a passion for notebooks, and (2) me looking for a project that really passionates me and that I wouldn’t quit.

Maybe all of these fail projects were in fact one big project of me looking for myself.


Apparently it even worked: I found my project that I didn’t quit before actually starting it, and it is writing texts like the one you are reading right now.

I didn’t quit, I work on it passionately every day, and I even totally filled a notebook.


So hey, ducks in a row: check, check, and check.


  1. Kim
    11 March 2019 / 1:47 PM

    This was a great read. I’m very much the same in that if I’m passionate about something there is very little procrastination but, if its something I’m not that into, it will often never get done.

    • Nathalie
      11 March 2019 / 6:55 PM

      I’m happy you relate! It’s indeed a good thing that we are able to get things done when we are passionate!

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