I recently got married, recently moved from France to Canada, recently changed my whole life.

What a great opportunity to change myself as well!

I wish I was the kind of person who embraces life peacefully, gets up at 6am every morning to do yoga and has a great recipe of artisanal chocolate hazelnut spread.

But I’m not.

I read a lot of personal development books, but never follow their wise guidelines. I try very hard to go to the gym at least sometimes. I love shoes and Netflix. I don’t always control my emotions. I buy a lot of cute notebooks. I add cream in everything I cook. I have a lot of projects but never start them.

I’m not perfect, but I’m trying.

So I won’t give you any advice, I won’t try to convince you that sweating is fun or that quinoa can be tasty. Instead, I will share with you my struggles and my journey to a better me.

Please don’t hesitate to comment, share your own adventures, or just correct my English!

And hey, here is my recipe for chocolate hazelnut spread: go buy Nutella.



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