Getting my ducks in a row

I LOVE this saying. (What ? I’m French. I’m allowed to rave about English sayings.) But also, I don’t want to brag but I’m very, really, so good at getting my ducks in a row. That’s maybe because I always have a lot of projects. So in my life, I had to do it a bunch of times.   It often starts by buying a new notebook that is going to receive all the ideas about this project. It takes…

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Networking and social anxiety

Last Sunday, we had dinner with one of the top managers of my husband’s company and his wife. Yes, having to go to this dinner seemed way too “wifey” for me, but anyway, of course I went there. And it eventually was okay (meaning it wasn’t the best fun I had in my life, but it wasn’t too boring either). These people are professional expatriates, and moving every couple of years in a different part of the world made them…

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Good old body

I don’t know if it’s one of the perks of my advanced age (almost 34 ½), but I feel that my body betrays me a little bit more everyday. It started maybe 6 months ago, or maybe 3 years ago, time flies when you’re that old. I was chilling on my couch, doing not much. It was probably real, heavy chilling, because I remember being so deep in the couch that my knees were at the same level of my…

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Hell is other people

So, I started meditating. Or trying to meditate, I’m not sure about the difference. Anyway, I’m doing it, everyday. It’s supposed to make me more calm, less anxious and stressed. And in long term, improve my global well-being, etc. Seems great.   It’s true that after a session I feel calm. So calm that sometimes I’m close to snooze, but hey, at least I’m calm. And it’s enough for now, we’ll see about the long term benefits later.   But…

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My capsule wardrobe

Since I moved from one continent to another, I had to ship most of my things. I got to keep only what could fit in two suitcases, so yeah, not that much. At the time my loved belongings left me, I didn’t know exactly when I would get them back, but I knew it could be up to three months. That wasn’t an exaggeration: it eventually took exactly 2 months and 16 days.   Of course, I have put a…

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