Meeting The One

There are a lot of things on my bucket list, but one of the most important ones has been Meeting The One. The love of my life, the one who will be perfect for me, who will make me happy ever after.   Still, this was pretty low in my list when I was in my 20’s. It was something to think about in the future, that would happen when it happens. No pressure.   Yet at this time I…

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Networking and social anxiety

Last Sunday, we had dinner with one of the top managers of my husband’s company and his wife. Yes, having to go to this dinner seemed way too “wifey” for me, but anyway, of course I went there. And it eventually was okay (meaning it wasn’t the best fun I had in my life, but it wasn’t too boring either). These people are professional expatriates, and moving every couple of years in a different part of the world made them…

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Independant woman

So, I recently got married, and I recently moved in Canada with my husband. A lot of change in just a few weeks. But hey, I’m married now. I thought it wouldn’t change anything in our relationship, that it was just an officialization, an opportunity to celebrate our love with our friends and families.   You know, I’ve always been very independent. Never needed anyone. I left my parents when I was 17, and even before that my mother always…

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My willpower, this mythical creature

Sometimes, well, most of the times actually, I feel I have no willpower at all. I just spend all of my time doing what I want, whenever I want. I am unable to set goals and actually follow them, and I can’t avoid a behavior that I know will be harmful in the long term.   On the plus side, nobody can’t say that I don’t live in the present. I am actually so focused on the present that I…

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