Meeting The One

There are a lot of things on my bucket list, but one of the most important ones has been Meeting The One. The love of my life, the one who will be perfect for me, who will make me happy ever after.   Still, this was pretty low in my list when I was in my 20’s. It was something to think about in the future, that would happen when it happens. No pressure.   Yet at this time I…

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Hell is other people

So, I started meditating. Or trying to meditate, I’m not sure about the difference. Anyway, I’m doing it, everyday. It’s supposed to make me more calm, less anxious and stressed. And in long term, improve my global well-being, etc. Seems great.   It’s true that after a session I feel calm. So calm that sometimes I’m close to snooze, but hey, at least I’m calm. And it’s enough for now, we’ll see about the long term benefits later.   But…

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