There is no pride without prejudice

I consider myself to be pretty insecure, however I often got the reproach of being too arrogant. Both obviously can’t go hand to hand, so I always had an excuse to ignore the latter. If it was from a man: he’s insecure with women and projects that on me. If it was from a woman, she was jealous. In general: I’m trying so hard to hide my insecurity that I’m probably overdoing it. Everything was under control.   Up to…

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The importance of the streak

A few years ago, I had a friend who had not had sex in more that 2 years. 26 months, if I’m correct. That was mostly because he was living in a village so far away from everything that he barely left home; his evenings were often just having a glass of Chardonnay while reading a book on his favorite armchair. Very Bree Van de Kamp. Anyway. At some point he found himself in a need of sex. So, he…

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About shoes and giving up

You probably already saw in the street or in a grocery store a woman who was approximately your age, wearing sweatpants and shoes that looked like slippers. No make-up, hair not very clean, didn’t seem to care. Maybe this crossed your mind: “wow, she has given up.” And you probably thought that it would never happen to you, I know I did. Until I moved to Canada. Paris me was always on heels (these shoes are Cosmoparis BTW), nails always done…

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