There is no pride without prejudice

I consider myself to be pretty insecure, however I often got the reproach of being too arrogant. Both obviously can’t go hand to hand, so I always had an excuse to ignore the latter. If it was from a man: he’s insecure with women and projects that on me. If it was from a woman, she was jealous. In general: I’m trying so hard to hide my insecurity that I’m probably overdoing it. Everything was under control.   Up to…

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How to express gratitude?

That’s not a rethorical question. I’m seriously asking. “Gratitude” is THE world these days. In every personal development book that I read (and I read a lot), there is always a moment when they advise us to start a gratitude journal. Taking a moment every day (when you wake up or when you go to bed, there is apparently still a debate on this question) to jot down on a book the few things you are grateful for is supposed…

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The importance of the streak

A few years ago, I had a friend who had not had sex in more that 2 years. 26 months, if I’m correct. That was mostly because he was living in a village so far away from everything that he barely left home; his evenings were often just having a glass of Chardonnay while reading a book on his favorite armchair. Very Bree Van de Kamp. Anyway. At some point he found himself in a need of sex. So, he…

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My willpower, this mythical creature

Sometimes, well, most of the times actually, I feel I have no willpower at all. I just spend all of my time doing what I want, whenever I want. I am unable to set goals and actually follow them, and I can’t avoid a behavior that I know will be harmful in the long term.   On the plus side, nobody can’t say that I don’t live in the present. I am actually so focused on the present that I…

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The books of shame

A few years ago, self-help books were the ones we used to read in secret, and when we were done with it we would hide them very carefully. Mine were so well hidden in my bookshelves that I eventually forgot about it and never read them. I would never have confessed that I was reading “books like that”, even to my closest friends. I didn’t want to look pathetic.   And I think it wasn’t just me. I remember an…

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