The Apocalypse fascination

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve read a lot of books and seen a lot of series that take place in a post-apocalyptic universe. Whether it is due to a nuclear war, an alien invasion or a pandemia, it’s always about two things at the end of the day: how people manage to survive in this new world, and under which new structure the society will be organized.   It is very interesting to see that in most…

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Scrubs scrubs scrubs

[Disclaimer: this post is NOT about my obsession for the TLC song that I played over and over when I was 15. Maybe another time.] [Disclaimer 2: this post is 100% NOT sponsored and 100% objective.] I still don’t know how to meditate, and I don’t have a subscription to an expensive spa where they offer you cucumber water and you can spend the day in a white robe that feels like a cloud. But I have scrubs. I think…

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My willpower, this mythical creature

Sometimes, well, most of the times actually, I feel I have no willpower at all. I just spend all of my time doing what I want, whenever I want. I am unable to set goals and actually follow them, and I can’t avoid a behavior that I know will be harmful in the long term.   On the plus side, nobody can’t say that I don’t live in the present. I am actually so focused on the present that I…

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I wish I was a lifestyle blogger

I’ve moved. Out of my apartment, my city, my country, even my continent. Some people said that I was crazy to do that, some people said I wad brave, a lot were a little bit envious. Every move indeed brings a fair share of new opportunities. For this occasion, I started visualizing a total reboot: I could completely reinvent myself, into a better, stronger, healthier me. When you think a little about it, most of our bad habits are linked…

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