“Do you want to have kids?”

We know it, women have a biological clock. And even if it’s not ticking very hard yet, it feeds a lot of talks after reaching a certain age. Now that I am in my 30’s, there is a question that comes almost every time I am having a drink with women my age: and you, do you want to have kids?   This question came up a few times when I was in my 20’s, but way less often. And…

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Good old body

I don’t know if it’s one of the perks of my advanced age (almost 34 ½), but I feel that my body betrays me a little bit more everyday. It started maybe 6 months ago, or maybe 3 years ago, time flies when you’re that old. I was chilling on my couch, doing not much. It was probably real, heavy chilling, because I remember being so deep in the couch that my knees were at the same level of my…

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Independant woman

So, I recently got married, and I recently moved in Canada with my husband. A lot of change in just a few weeks. But hey, I’m married now. I thought it wouldn’t change anything in our relationship, that it was just an officialization, an opportunity to celebrate our love with our friends and families.   You know, I’ve always been very independent. Never needed anyone. I left my parents when I was 17, and even before that my mother always…

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