There is no pride without prejudice

I consider myself to be pretty insecure, however I often got the reproach of being too arrogant. Both obviously can’t go hand to hand, so I always had an excuse to ignore the latter. If it was from a man: he’s insecure with women and projects that on me. If it was from a woman, she was jealous. In general: I’m trying so hard to hide my insecurity that I’m probably overdoing it. Everything was under control.   Up to…

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Networking and social anxiety

Last Sunday, we had dinner with one of the top managers of my husband’s company and his wife. Yes, having to go to this dinner seemed way too “wifey” for me, but anyway, of course I went there. And it eventually was okay (meaning it wasn’t the best fun I had in my life, but it wasn’t too boring either). These people are professional expatriates, and moving every couple of years in a different part of the world made them…

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